Angel Tech: A Review

Antero Alli’s book Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman’s Guide to Reality Selection (1985) is an interesting attempt to combine the work of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Colin Wilson and others into a system for understanding and compartmentalizing the various capacities of the mind and its modes of consciousness, served up as one big New Age package for popular consumption. Why the term “Angel Tech”? In a preface, Alli writes:

“Angel Tech is a code name for the process of stabilizing the contact between right (ANGEL) and left (TECH) hemispheres of the brain. The connecting ganglia between these hemispheres is called the ‘corpus callosum’ which may function as if it were a reality selection switch. It ‘has the ability’ to choose between left (linear) and right (intuitive) hemispheres the appropriate mode of Intelligence for the situation at hand.”

Here Alli uses two categories of mental functioning (the ol’ left and right brain dichotomy), but the book ultimately adopts Leary’s system of eight Intelligences, or “circuits,” that build on each other (just check Wikipedia: Alli uses an admittedly silly metaphor of ascending through grades as if we’re in grade school. Much about the book is playful and silly, and why not? Here’s an overviewof the “curriculum,” pulled straight from the book:


First Grade: Physical Intelligence – Medium: The Organism – Education: Passivity, Safety, Nourishment

Second Grade: Emotional Intelligence – Medium: Belief Systems – Education: Self-expression, Status and Personal Power

Third Grade: Conceptual Intelligence – Medium: Conceptual Framework – Education: Attention, Map-Making and Articulation

Fourth Grade: Social Intelligence – Medium: Code of Ethics – Education: Adolescence, Adulthood and Collectivization


INITIATION is a creative response to the unknown. CHAPEL PERILOUS signifies a rite of passage wherein Physical, Emotional, Conceptual and Social Education is tested for its integrity as a preparation for graduation.


Fifth Grade: Sensory Intelligence – Medium: The Body’s 5 Senses – Education: Rapture, Ritual and Charisma Training

Sixth Grade: Psychic Intelligence – Medium: Central Nervous System – Education: Natural Clairvoyance, Reality Selection and Designing Tarot

Seventh Grade: Mythic Intelligence – Medium: DNA & The Planet – Education: Synchronicity, Alchemy and Astrology

Eighth Grade: Spiritual Intelligence – Medium: Subatomic Mysteries – Education: Paradox Found, Dreaming and Factor X

The purpose of the book is to catalogue and describe in some detail the layers of intelligence, empowering the individual to decide the “program” rather than be decided by it. This intelligence- or “reality-” selection is the “shamanic” ability referred to in the book’s subtitle. Alli’s system combines insights from east and west, and from overall common sense, in ways that are generally easy to digest (at the same time, passages here and there are inscrutable, and the whole thing could use a careful proofreading session – perhaps later editions dealt with this). In the higher levels of Intelligence, Alli’s work becomes less commonsensical, and more speculative and New Age, fitting in ideas from Carl Jung, Taoism, Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, and popular science.

Angel Tech is strongest in the tersely and playfully developed perspective on the first four “grades” that support ordinary life experience. An additional lengthy section on things that can go wrong at these levels (not reproduced in this WEblog series) acts as a non-dogmatic, casual self-help guide for identifying and overcoming common life difficulties, with an eye toward transcendence, not just mundane problem-solving.

Alli’s treatment of the higher grade levels, bringing us into the territory of the “psychic” and the “spiritual,” is, of course, much more contentious scientifically and religiously. But the purpose of the book is not to argue for the validity of the information, but to act as a quick reference guide for those who already have some sympathetic inkling of what synchronicity, alchemy, Tarot and such things are all about – or else this is a very seat-of-the-pants introduction to such topics. It is up to those with background in these areas to decide whether Alli has done a good job of describing and correlating all these occult phenomena and disciplines together in what amounts to a compact modern magician’s handbook. Compare that to, say, the work of Aleister Crowley which constitutes its own austere and obscurantist library.

For those who are interested in the occult and paranormal, and in systems, and in a light humorous approach to all these things, Angel Tech should come off as an amusing experiment at the very least. I, for one, was impressed with Alli’s down-to-earth and compact interpretation of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, and with Alli’s insistent encouragement that we each make our own Tarot. The whole tone of the book is DIY and self-empowering, rather than suggesting we trust some narrow, elitist authority or join a coven, or some sort of sterile shaman’s association, if such a thing even exists (I hope not, but probably). However, if you are interested in taking a class, Antero Alli is apparently still at it and periodically teaches the “8 circuit brain” from Angel Tech at a school set up by the now deceased Robert Anton Wilson called the Maybe Logic Academy:

– G. Lee Young, PhD


Angel Tech: Eighth Grade – Spiritual Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Eighth Grade: Spiritual Intelligence. All that follows in this series is an analysis of this system of thought. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought. – G. Lee Young



Eighth Grade Spiritual Intelligence is metaphysiological by nature, in that it originates outside the boundaries of our physical body (above the head in the 8th Center) and is responsible for those experiences related to out-of-body states, or Dreaming, as well as energy in its pure, potential state … as in “void.” Relationship to the void, or unknown, cultivates Spiritual identity. Identification with void and the unknown develops Spiritual identity. Both relating and identifying with the unknown can be catalyzed for the purpose of deepening contact with Factor X, the irrevocable unknown. Subjectively, Spiritual Intelligence evolves withour capacity to transcend ourselves. It’s the living sense of being everything and nothing (void). Usually, this kind of Human does not evolve until we have lived through ourselves … self-penetration.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Singular, Paradoxical and Pervasive

Spiritual Intelligence is “non-local,” or beyond time and space, as it governs events within the time-space continuum. It’s pure Consciousness, or Information, that travels at superhuman (faster than light) speeds. Bell’s Theorem states that “whenever two particles have made contact once, they continue influencing each other irregardless of time or distance in space.” It’s capacity for instantaneous recognition and knowingness regarding the nature of a particular reality and the ability of information to project itself out of energy in order to enter “K-space” or void; the spiritual power of existing in Potential as a conscious entity.


By contacting our potential state, it is more effective to consciously determine your own reality. Spiritual Intelligence is elusive to intellectual attempts at conceptual comprehension due to its infinite nature, which thrives on activity and interaction, rather than the illusion of isolation. Whatever is Spiritual is truly related and alive.

Angel Tech: Seventh Grade – Mythic Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Seventh Grade: Mythic Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.



DNA is the code by which the Mythic Intelligence of Planetary Consciousness orchestrates Life As We Know It. DNA creates Central Nervous Systems (CNS) which, in turn, control The Body via neuromuscular feedback. Loosely translated, the genetic intelligence of DNA is the language by which GOD speaks with the Soul via the awakened CNS. The internal DNA – CNS dialogue forms the basis for revelatory activities such as prayer, inspiration and transfiguration, or mutation. The DNA-CNS dialogue of the planet itself provides the prototype for our own experience. As we awaken to the coordinates intersecting human and planetary life, Mythic Intelligence is absorbed. Subjectively, this may excite Synchronicity, Future Memory, Past Lives and other mythic functions. Mythic Intelligence originates from our personal dialogue with the planet and/or the Collective Unconscious, wherein, racial and planetary memory is stored. Occasionally, this vast storehouse is accessed through our dreams and larger-than-life numinous imagery … charged and animated by the living forces governing existence.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Mandalic, Centralized and Radial

Mythic Intelligence thinks “radially” … incorporating Past, Present and Future into its scope. From this perspective, Time moves simultaneously from the Future into the Past, as it does from Past into the Future. Its qualities are Mandalic and Centralized. All outgoing forms of life are connected at their singular source in DNA. This enables Consciousness the extended mobility of traversing amidst simultaneously juxtaposed destinies for the purpose of gathering information on itself. Mythic languages such as Alchemy and Astrology aid to organize and communicate in metaphor planetary consciousness, thus articulating its intersection with humanity. The primary intent of Mythic Intelligence is Immortality of the Soul and eventually, The Body, through the Soul’s continuous association with All Living Things … while in The Body. DNA receives its instructions from the central nucleus of the atom, whereby it encodes this information for the CNS to delegate the necessary processes for its survival. Synchronicity initiates us into the Realm of the Archetypes, its signals indicative of our close proximity to being “in sync” with our destinies. Alchemy is a mythic tool for naming the phases of natural transformation which tend to accelerate when we get closer to our centers. Astrology maps out the energetic styles by which we most effectively access the territory of our alchemical realizations.

Angel Tech: Sixth Grade – Psychic Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Sixth Grade: Psychic Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.


WHERE INTELLIGENCE ORIGINATES: Central Nervous System – The Brain

Psychic Intelligence awakens with a greater sensitivity to the electrical and can be absorbed directly as Brain Pleasure, the essential indulgence of experiencing oneself as light. The Psychic process stimulates the pineal gland to secrete the psycho-active chemical hormone seratonin, which sensitizes the Central Nervous System (CNS) to light, patterns of light (images) and trance states. Overstimulated, an excess seratonin level produces symptoms of schizophrenia: fragmented consciousness, hallucinations and other severe perception distortions. Seratonin levels can be balanced and kept in check through the release of the Brain’s natural opiates, the endorphins, accessed through the Rapture of Sensory Intelligence.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Quick, Electrical and Clear

The CNS receives signals at the speed of light every living moment. Psychic, or Extra-Sensory, perception explodes kaleidoscopically as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry, clairsentience, remote viewing, intuition, healing abilities and other attributes as of yet unnamed … all of which relate directly to energy itself as a means of detecting information. Psychic Intelligence “thinks” qualitatively, distinguishing between the various qualities expressed as the Multidimensional Self, without judging any of them and seeing all as equal in value (as colors to light). The Psychic operates from a relativistic attitude, regarding all information as pieces to an ever-growing puzzle which never claims a final solution or answer but a multiplicity of possibilities.

FUNCTIONS OF PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE: Radar, Reality Selection and Healing

Radar is the capacity to pick up signals from oneself and/or the world. Reality Selection is the skill for recognizing distinctions between different types of signals, so as to determine their nature. Healing is the ability to recognize and affirm the source of a given signal. Combined, these functions are synchronized through the process of Psychic Reading.

Angel Tech: Fifth Grade – Sensory Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Fifth Grade: Sensory Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.



In Fifth Grade, the body is a source of pleasure, grace and charismatic sharing. The spiritual direction is HERE, the time is NOW. BEING HERE NOW is how we enter Sensory Intelligence. Revelations follow our love of beauty, fun and kinetic joy … love of movement for its own sake. Our participation starts with complete openness to our senses in present time.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Fluid, Buoyant and Floating

The quality is discovered through the body’s natural, direct response to itself and the immediate environment … bypassing thought, preconception and projected meanings. Through direct sense perception, an esthetic sense develops as to what is “beautiful” and what is not. The sensory absorption of BEING HERE NOW strengthens spatial awareness, while diminishing the linear sense of time … everything turns NOW. Tendencies towards a rapturous, fancy-free floating attitude develops where existence is good enough the way it is. When Sensory Intelligence is shared between people, charisma shines forth.


Fun is its own reward. It also serves to disconnect us from Fourth Grade judgement, Third Grade meaning, Second Grade politics and First Grade security issues. Fifth Grade sexuality is not orgasm-oriented but a medium for prolonging pleasure, beauty and more fun. The art of effectively sharing fun, beauty and love is charismatic. It serves to awaken Sensory Intelligence in others. Fifth Grade also provides the necessary homework to encourage somatic resiliency for safe, creative psychic work in Sixth Grade. Sensory Intelligence is integrated through Ritual technology.

Angel Tech: Initiation: Chapel Perilous

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Alli divides the stages into two sets of four – 1st through 4th, and 5th through 8th – and locates the so-called “Chapel Perilous” in between 4th and 5th grade. The term “Chapel Perilous” was coined by Robert Anton Wilson in Cosmic Trigger (1977). Chapel Perilous represents a stage in life when a sense of ordinariness falls away, replaced by uncertainty and paranoia. The individual must pass through this “initiatory” experience in order to access the higher states of consciousness represented by 5th through 8th grades.

Alli thinks of the first four grades as making up a preprogrammed “robot self” that most people never question but which our intelligence can advance beyond through “reprogramming.” Leary, Wilson and Alli all indulged this computer program metaphor of the mind, and Leary popularized LSD as a sure fire way to achieve reprogramming. Chapel Perilous can lead to one’s undoing or to a retreat to the first four grades, but successful handling of the harrowing experience will lead to a new relationship to one’s robot/animal/body, and to greater powers of intelligence.

– G. Lee Young, PhD  


Chapel Perilous is a name given to that place where “souls” go after leaving their robot bodies … while these bodies are still alive and walking the planet’s surface. Numerous are the reasons for leaving the body, each constituting a “sermon” in CHAPEL PERILOUS. The Sermons of CHAPEL PERILOUS provide the lessons by which each individual soul learns how to get back to their body. Due to the highly ambiguous and elusive nature of the CHAPEL’s terrain, its revoling door is often tricky to find.

The word chapel implies “a place of worship, usually smaller and more intimate than a church or cathedral” and perilous means “fraught with peril or danger”; CHAPEL PERILOUS refers to a place where danger is worshipped. Danger explodes in a kaleidoscope of shocks … haunting, petrifying, beautiful, dreary, euphoric, mechanical and alive. It is this phenomenon of shock that most often sends the soul catapulting out of the body and into the oblivion of CHAPEL PERILOUS, where it gropes aimlessly for its other half. Meanwhile, its body continues on automatic pilot … following its generic, genetic orders like any good robot should.

Shock, as defined here, is that effect initiated by a source beyond our control which suddenly alters our sense of ourselves and the world around us. Shocks arrive in a variety of impacts, ranging from the mild to the severely traumatic. An energetic function of shock is to temporarily disconnect us from our usual, habitual and routine ways of doing things … behavior, language, attitude, etc. It often produces a sense of Limbo, floating feelings and an overall “disconnectedness.” Depending on how traumatic the shock is, we’ll enter into anything from “spaciness” to the Permanent Vocation of Psychosis. Shock temporarily disconnects the soul from the body and sends it to CHAPEL PERILOUS to learn the lesson of its Sermon. This process of returning to ourselves, our bodies, will be referred to as INITIATION.

Initiation is creative response to the unknown. Since shock disconnects us, how do we reconnect and where do we begin? One creative way to respond to shock is by reconnecting ourselves to new habits and routines which increase our intelligence and make us happy. During the phase of our disconnection, we are perhaps most vulnerable to impressions and suggestions from ourselves and others. It is during this time that new directions may be initiated and crystallized when the “gap of our death” eventually closes down again and we stabilize. The contrary is true, as well, but perhaps in a more detrimental way … ask any acidhead. LSD opens this gap and we enter “peak imprint time.” If we’re naive to this effect and don’t reconnect ourselves creatively, we lapse back even deeper into our previous habitual patterns … like them or not. CHAPEL PERILOUS is where we end up if we don’t like them because souls don’t take well to bodies in pain. They just up and leave the robots to their own resources. Ask any body.

Every Sermon in CHAPEL PERILOUS addresses itself to the soul’s need to completely commit itself to living through the body … each Sermon differs, as each soul needs to hear this in its own way. The congregation of CHAPEL PERILOUS is made up of Lost Souls who all wait for the Priest to read their particular sermon so they may leave the terrible redundancy of remaining in church.


Alli includes seven such sermons in Angel Tech and suggests that there are more. I will reproduce one of them here (the shortest one). – G. Lee Young, PhD



As you’ve already noticed, the silver cord connecting yourselves to the umbilical region of your human forms was not made to last. A few of you have probably already severed your ties and drift aimlessly like high-flying kites, set free into an electrical thunderstorm. Of course, this was your choice. However, you are also aware of the karmic implications of suicide and because you are, you understand the consequences of doing it again. From the beginning of time, we were introduced to the enormous debt induced by taking our own lives. Its ONLY “spiritual function” is as an evolutionary inhibitor. Suicide is the emergency brake on the genetic roller coaster. It’s not meant to be used unless all other resources have been exhausted. As you realize, it requires a great deal of commitment to investigate these resources in the first place, without which, suicide becomes an expression of ignorance … of not having the time and energy to see the obvious. For those of you contemplating suicide, there is a terrible humility awaiting you …

As you are starting to understand, the Afterlife is experienced differently by each soul depending upon the beliefs you picked up while living through the human form. I’m sure you can appreciate the humor in this. While we are disembodied, we have as much knowledge of human life as humans do of the disembodied realm … mercifully little. This, of course, is part of the immense fascination shared between realms for the other. For example: Humans think death is a very serious, big event where everything changes. Little do most of them realize how big a joke it actually is! For us, this is common knowledge … death changes nothing and it is because of this spiritual truth that suicide is suicidal … it doesn’t work. We remain ourselves in spite of death. On the other hand, as disembodied souls, we know very little about free will which, as we are beginning to discover, only exists within the human form. In our so-called “spirit realm,” we are subservient to cosmic law and this is as normal to us as free will ought to be to human beings … but it isn’t obvious until we return and claim our human forms to experience the exquisite freedom contained therein.

Angel Tech: Fourth Grade – Social Intelligence: Adults

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Fourth Grade: Social Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.

Fourth Grade is for Big Kids, Adults, Family and the Religion of your “choice.” Grade Four is a big place and presents the most diverse, complex types of situations involving people. Everybody here has already been through the first three Grades. Graduating participants now share the opportunity for developing their Social Intelligence … or How to Get Along With People. Groups are defined as any number larger than one. Couples are groups. When relating to another person, we are also relating to the collective. This kind of awareness begins Fourth Grade education.

The first phase of Fourth Grade belongs to Big Kids, who are also known as Adolescents. Big Kids are no longer Babies, at least not all the time. They feel important and smart enough to start making up their own rules. The Main Games Big Kids play are called courting Rituals, which are elaborate activities expressing catalyzed sexual/hormonal impulses. In these rituals, Big Kids find out what turns them on about other people and what turns them off. The results of this rite of passage determines certain sexual preferences and mating styles … two factors shaping their future social life. Occasionally, certain Big Kids aren’t ready for these rituals and so, they return to First, Second and/or Third Grade until they’re safe, important and smart enough to join in. For Big Kids, life at best is a Big Party. When the Party’s over, Big Kids either become Adults or finds ways to bypass Terminal Adulthood by prolonging adolescence.

Adults are Big Kids who not knowing what else to do “grew up.” The word “adult” implies a “fully developed plant or animal in the final phase of its growth.” (The word “adolescent” comes from the latin “ad” and “alescere” meaning, to grow.) Big kids usually rebel against Adults because they don’t want to grow up and die. Many Big Kids grow up and become Adults without rebelling and so remain Big Kids inside and Little Adults outside. Adult Education requires participants to memorize the Reward and Punishment system of the society they live in, as if it were absolute and essential rather than being arbitrary and relative. This is to help Adults look and feel “socially acceptable” for doing the Right Thing and to act guilty and feel like “no-good dumb shits” for doing the Wrong Thing in their culture.

The strongest social need comes from the urge to belong. One way Adults feel close is by Getting Married. One way they start organizing their Social Intelligence is by Having Babies and meeting with other genetic family members for Get Togethers, during which Adults find out about Family Heirarchy, i.e., who eats first and last, however, belonging and closeness is primary.

Another way Adults belong is through the “extended, or non-genetic, family.” This is when groups of Adults are organized around a common purpose. This purpose can be as simple as just Getting Together or as Grandiose as Saving the World. Others create a Religion to get other Adults to drop what they’re doing and join them. Religions are Rules to Live By for many Adults who feel lost, confused and/or out of touch with their own unique style of intelligent survival on the planet. Religions are also designed to meet the social need for belonging, as well as the physical, emotional and conceptual needs for security, status and “knowledge.” Some Adults decide to remain in Fourth Grade forever by becoming members of certain religious groups. This is called joining the CHURCH OF EVERLASTING LIFE. – Or Terminal Cure For Uncertainty.

The CHURCH OF EVERLASTING LIFE is any group, corporation, person, religion and/or government promising to meet our “needs” in exchange for the sacrifice of our mind, autonomy and identity. Most frequently, however, we are told that we are incompetent to handle our “problems” thus requiring these very high priced care-takers. This kind of CHURCH offers members rewards from Grades One through Four: 1st Grade FOOD, SECURITY and PROTECTION; 2nd Grade STATUS, LAND and WORK; 3rd Grade MONEY, DOCUMENTS and MAPS; 4th Grade MEMBERSHIP, RELIGION and RETIREMENT. These rewards and others may be ours if we let the Church own us. Since the urge to belong is a strong social need, it’s important to meet this need somewhere. If there’s no place to go, there’s always the CHURCH OF EVERLASTING LIFE.

The other alternative is in knowing how to make, keep and change friends. In Fourth Grade, we find out how important our real friends are and we find out ways to know who they are. The most important lesson in Fourth Grade is: KNOWING WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE. Those of us unwilling to remain in Fourth Grade forever become candidates for Graduation through the Initiation of Chapel Perilous. Not everybody has to go through the Chapel. It is possible to skip right over it and submerge oneself directly in Fifth Grade Rapture without a trace of guilt, fear or humiliation. For those of us with any doubts at all, let’s meet in the CHAPEL.

Fourth Grade activities: Attend a funeral, Make a new friend, Go to a garden party, Confront your enemy with a gift, Get married now, Join a religion, Spend a night with the author, Call Jerry Falwell, Initiate a romance.


Next we’ll hear about “Chapel Perilous,” a term, coined by Robert Anton Wilson in Cosmic Trigger, which refers to an initiatory phase that takes us out of ordinary experience. Successful grappling with this experience allows us to access the remaining four grades that take us beyond the ordinary experience of grades one through four, according to Antero Alli, author of Angel Tech. – G. Lee Young