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G. Lee Young, PhD

Born to a loving pair of straight-edge, fundamentalist hippies, G. Lee Young grew up feeling safe but not knowing what the hell was going on, and for that reason he chose a career in philosophy. Intellectually, Young just can’t sit still, perpetually thirsty for new conceptual orientation. He has trouble sticking to a conclusion, and is likely to be contradicting his own preferences, beliefs and lifestyles within a span of just a few years. That leaves him no alternative but to be a seriously curious humorist. Although he feels great compassion for others (at least in theory), he’s too much of a smart-ass to work professionally in the soul-helping professions, which excludes him from maintaining any role as a spiritual guide, psychotherapist or other kind of life counselor. Anyway, he’s too much of an enigma even to himself to preach or strongly advise. His only advice is to drink plenty of water, unless you have some reason not to.


One thought on “About

  1. There is a powerful magic in the implicit order of child self.

    What if we mindfully chose to realize these simple things daily, instead of just making silly excuses for our selfish behavior when we start bawling?

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