Jung on Synchronicity

Whether you’re not sure what synchronicity is, or you’re already an avid seeker of synchronicity, you might find this academic essay on Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity interesting. The word “synchronicity,” coined by Jung, is basically synonymous with “coincidence.” Is synchronicity meaningful, or is it just “mere” coincidence? If not mere coincidence, what accounts for synchronicity – can we learn anything new about life and the cosmos by paying attention to synchronicity? Are we justified in treating synchronicity as signs from a transcendent realm that can be used to guide us?

In this essay, I focus on the question of what synchronicity is, and I challenge Jung’s theory, even if Jung is to be applauded for being the first in the 20th century to give it serious academic attention. I believe further investigation of synchronicity requires challenging Jung’s authority on the phenomenon.

– G. Lee Young, PhD

Jung on Synchronicity (PDF)


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