Angel Tech: Seventh Grade – Mythic Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Seventh Grade: Mythic Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.



DNA is the code by which the Mythic Intelligence of Planetary Consciousness orchestrates Life As We Know It. DNA creates Central Nervous Systems (CNS) which, in turn, control The Body via neuromuscular feedback. Loosely translated, the genetic intelligence of DNA is the language by which GOD speaks with the Soul via the awakened CNS. The internal DNA – CNS dialogue forms the basis for revelatory activities such as prayer, inspiration and transfiguration, or mutation. The DNA-CNS dialogue of the planet itself provides the prototype for our own experience. As we awaken to the coordinates intersecting human and planetary life, Mythic Intelligence is absorbed. Subjectively, this may excite Synchronicity, Future Memory, Past Lives and other mythic functions. Mythic Intelligence originates from our personal dialogue with the planet and/or the Collective Unconscious, wherein, racial and planetary memory is stored. Occasionally, this vast storehouse is accessed through our dreams and larger-than-life numinous imagery … charged and animated by the living forces governing existence.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Mandalic, Centralized and Radial

Mythic Intelligence thinks “radially” … incorporating Past, Present and Future into its scope. From this perspective, Time moves simultaneously from the Future into the Past, as it does from Past into the Future. Its qualities are Mandalic and Centralized. All outgoing forms of life are connected at their singular source in DNA. This enables Consciousness the extended mobility of traversing amidst simultaneously juxtaposed destinies for the purpose of gathering information on itself. Mythic languages such as Alchemy and Astrology aid to organize and communicate in metaphor planetary consciousness, thus articulating its intersection with humanity. The primary intent of Mythic Intelligence is Immortality of the Soul and eventually, The Body, through the Soul’s continuous association with All Living Things … while in The Body. DNA receives its instructions from the central nucleus of the atom, whereby it encodes this information for the CNS to delegate the necessary processes for its survival. Synchronicity initiates us into the Realm of the Archetypes, its signals indicative of our close proximity to being “in sync” with our destinies. Alchemy is a mythic tool for naming the phases of natural transformation which tend to accelerate when we get closer to our centers. Astrology maps out the energetic styles by which we most effectively access the territory of our alchemical realizations.


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