Angel Tech: Eighth Grade – Spiritual Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Eighth Grade: Spiritual Intelligence. All that follows in this series is an analysis of this system of thought. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought. – G. Lee Young



Eighth Grade Spiritual Intelligence is metaphysiological by nature, in that it originates outside the boundaries of our physical body (above the head in the 8th Center) and is responsible for those experiences related to out-of-body states, or Dreaming, as well as energy in its pure, potential state … as in “void.” Relationship to the void, or unknown, cultivates Spiritual identity. Identification with void and the unknown develops Spiritual identity. Both relating and identifying with the unknown can be catalyzed for the purpose of deepening contact with Factor X, the irrevocable unknown. Subjectively, Spiritual Intelligence evolves withour capacity to transcend ourselves. It’s the living sense of being everything and nothing (void). Usually, this kind of Human does not evolve until we have lived through ourselves … self-penetration.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Singular, Paradoxical and Pervasive

Spiritual Intelligence is “non-local,” or beyond time and space, as it governs events within the time-space continuum. It’s pure Consciousness, or Information, that travels at superhuman (faster than light) speeds. Bell’s Theorem states that “whenever two particles have made contact once, they continue influencing each other irregardless of time or distance in space.” It’s capacity for instantaneous recognition and knowingness regarding the nature of a particular reality and the ability of information to project itself out of energy in order to enter “K-space” or void; the spiritual power of existing in Potential as a conscious entity.


By contacting our potential state, it is more effective to consciously determine your own reality. Spiritual Intelligence is elusive to intellectual attempts at conceptual comprehension due to its infinite nature, which thrives on activity and interaction, rather than the illusion of isolation. Whatever is Spiritual is truly related and alive.


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