Angel Tech: Sixth Grade – Psychic Intelligence

In Angel Tech (1985), Antero Alli divides spiritual development into eight grades (as if one is going through grade school) based on an 8-tier model of the brain/mind/spirit developed by Timothy Leary. Here is the Sixth Grade: Psychic Intelligence. More to come. NOTE: This is just food for thought, fun food, happy thought.


WHERE INTELLIGENCE ORIGINATES: Central Nervous System – The Brain

Psychic Intelligence awakens with a greater sensitivity to the electrical and can be absorbed directly as Brain Pleasure, the essential indulgence of experiencing oneself as light. The Psychic process stimulates the pineal gland to secrete the psycho-active chemical hormone seratonin, which sensitizes the Central Nervous System (CNS) to light, patterns of light (images) and trance states. Overstimulated, an excess seratonin level produces symptoms of schizophrenia: fragmented consciousness, hallucinations and other severe perception distortions. Seratonin levels can be balanced and kept in check through the release of the Brain’s natural opiates, the endorphins, accessed through the Rapture of Sensory Intelligence.

ITS QUALITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Quick, Electrical and Clear

The CNS receives signals at the speed of light every living moment. Psychic, or Extra-Sensory, perception explodes kaleidoscopically as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry, clairsentience, remote viewing, intuition, healing abilities and other attributes as of yet unnamed … all of which relate directly to energy itself as a means of detecting information. Psychic Intelligence “thinks” qualitatively, distinguishing between the various qualities expressed as the Multidimensional Self, without judging any of them and seeing all as equal in value (as colors to light). The Psychic operates from a relativistic attitude, regarding all information as pieces to an ever-growing puzzle which never claims a final solution or answer but a multiplicity of possibilities.

FUNCTIONS OF PSYCHIC INTELLIGENCE: Radar, Reality Selection and Healing

Radar is the capacity to pick up signals from oneself and/or the world. Reality Selection is the skill for recognizing distinctions between different types of signals, so as to determine their nature. Healing is the ability to recognize and affirm the source of a given signal. Combined, these functions are synchronized through the process of Psychic Reading.


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